Receiver Design


We have been involved in numerous Receiver Design projects. Pictured here, in an ad reprint, is a Telemetry Receiver for which we had primary design responsibility. This receiver was designed for receiving airborne telemetry signals from an FM on FM Telemetry transmitter on a U.S. Navy weapons system. Designed in 1989, the 2.4 GHz receiver advanced the state of the art in commercially available Telemetry Receivers, and incorporated components emerging from the cellular telephone industry. It was approximately 1/3 the size of previously available receivers and consumed only 30 watts while providing simultaneous AM and FM demodulated outputs. It's specifications are impressive even by current standards, boasting a better than 5 dB noise figure sensitivity, highly selective front-end and 100 dB+ dynamic range. Techtrol Cyclonetics, the parent company of Cyclo-Comm, provided a phased locked, synthesized local oscillator which allowed the receiver to tune in 100 kHz steps.

        Derivatives of the receiver were used in shipboard guided missile tracking systems.

Our involvement in receiver design has extended through CATV, MATV, MMDS, Surveillance,     Avionics, Telemetry, Space, Instrumentation and Electronic Countermeasures projects.


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